10 000

Girls Reached



10 465

Women Reached

1 Mcup lasts a lifetime, saves 8400 pads from landfill and means that girls don’t miss school due to not having a menstrual product.

The Mcup Project provides a supportive menstrual environment for girls. We educate and empower them, and give out Mcups to ensure they never need to purchase period products again.

“I don’t remember when I last used a pad. I can’t believe it! I’m sooo happy and free.”
Hidaayat Gr 12

“At first I didn’t believe the Mcup Project because it is a new thing. It took a long time for me to try it, but now I use it always. Thank you!” Linathi Gr 9

“My friend was using an Mcup and she kept saying I must try it. Now I am using it and telling the other girls.”
Lelethu Gr 11

“Mcup is an amazing product for girls. I loved talking to the Mcup team and asking questions.” Vuyelwa Gr 9

“This MCup is making a big difference in my life guys. It is the best!”
Kuhle Gr 10