Our Programme

The Mcup Project combines global best practice with a data driven, relationship-based approach to reach communities with free mcups.
Interesting fact:
88% of school girls have not heard of a menstrual cup, yet 60% of 4000 girls who completed our programme are using their Mcup.

Our team is recruited from the communities we serve and provides dignified menstrual health guidance and support throughout the programme roll out.

The Mcup Project works with affected women and girls to change the perception and attitudes around period poverty and menstrual health. Our recipients are at the heart of all the work we do, and to support them we believe in creating a community that encourages, upholds and celebrates healthy menstrual choices. We currently provide Mcups in schools within the Western Cape.

We understand the menstrual health challenges facing our poor communities.

We normalise conversations about menstrual health and hygiene.

We help change perceptions around period poverty.

We promote supportive communities that celebrate healthy menstrual choices.