Our Product

The MCup is a non-absorbent reusable barrier cup that collects menstrual blood.

The Mcup comes in 2 sizes and is made from medically approved, 100% pure silicone (which means no impurities like colour) in a FDA certified factory in Cape Town, South Africa.

Each Mcup comes in a storage bag which is made by a local community project.

Why use an MCup?


Easy to clean: the lining is smooth and the tab is flat
Odourless & entirely invisible with no strings
Reliable protection as it opens to form a seal that resists leakage
Non-porous and non-absorbent


One Mcup lasts a lifetime and = 8400 pads
A cost-effective & environmentally friendly alternative to pads & tampons
A sustainable solution, no need to replace
Reusable: no need for regular purchasing, using and disposing of traditional pads/tampons
Does not contain latex


Available in 2 sizes
Comfortable: it is made
from soft flexible silicone rubber
Ideal for an active lifestyle eg: running, netball, swimming
Can be worn overnight
Less frequent changing than even the highest absorbency tampons/pads
Convenient: fits in your bag


Greater capacity: holds up to 3x more blood than the average tampon or pad
Versatile: can be used before first sexual intercourse
Safe to use before the start of menstruation so ensures maximum preparation

Mcup Sizes

Light Flow Mcup

The Light Flow Mcup is recommended for women who have a light flow.

Capacity: 18ml | Diameter: 39mm
Length: 45mm | incl stem: 60mm

Standard Flow Mcup

The Standard Flow Mcup is recommended for women who have a moderate to heavy flow.

Capacity: 27ml | Diameter: 42mm
Length: 50mm | incl stem: 65mm